Services and Solutions

Banking Industry Solutions

ReInform offers a centralised multi-factor authentication solution for remote banking services. The solution may incorporate an authentication server from one or more of the established vendors - Gemalto, VASCO Data Security, Thales e-Security.

Our hardware & software solution provides reliable authentication, enforces data consistency and financial transaction commitment while maintaining compatibility with most authentication devices and protocols to facilitate and deliver:

strict multi-factor authentication;
transactional and data consistency;
activity logging for audit and legal purposes.

Our Investment Banking Division solution delivers a platform for the bank customers to work with the stocks and bonds market. The implemented system allows the bank to verify and control online transactions in real time. The project includes server-side electronic signature implementation. VASCO hardware tokens are used for authentication. For an electronic signature implementation the THALES nCipher module is used which supports a loadable signature module according to the GOST 2012 standard.


Government Sector and Public Services automation solutions

ReInform proactively delivers its contractual obligations to the Moscow City Government to develop and implement workflow solutions for the Architectural and Construction Development branches of the City Government.

Moscow is a worldwide leader in computerizing the City Government's Construction and Development services, including but not limited to city zoning, construction and building permits, mapping and land use, construction due diligence, project documentation expertise - over 10 different workflows have already been converted into an electronic form (e-Government or e-Gov). As of today (March 2018) the total share of the electronically submitted requests and permits for construction have exceeded 90%, when only four years ago it was under 12%. Out of the full dozen of the online Government Construction and Building services 5 are provided by the Moscow Architectural Committee, who is also a customer of ours.

Enterprise Automation System for Moscow Architectural Committee

The Enterprise Automation System (EAS) we developed for the Architectural Committee of the City of Moscow (MAC) is designed for the purpose of the automation of the Government Services (e-Gov), workflows and business processes including the Global integrated data warehouse, business intelligence and data analytics, mapping and geographic information systems (GIS), and the Web-portal to facilitate collaboration and delegation of various functions between MAC and other Government entities. In 2017 we overhauled and modernized the system in order to better incorporate Open source technologies.

Moscow City Planning and Construction Integrated Worflow Automation System

Our Integrated Worflow Automation System for City Planning and Construction of the City of Moscow (CPC IWAS) was fully deployed in April 2010. Its goal is to provide State and local government entities, individuals and businesses as well as general public the access to the respective Government services of the City of Moscow, specifically to the city planning and construction documentation and archives, requesting document copies for the purpose of business and investment activities as well as informational purposes. In 2018 we are conducting the system modernization and upgrade to better incorporate Open source platforms and technologies.

The CPC IWAS contains document registries and data including spatial data related to the city planning and construction, such as:
• General Development Plan of the City of Moscow;
• Land use code and regulations;
• Landmarks and environmentally critical areas;
• Zone planning projects;
• Building and construction planning;
• Due diligence, property appraisals and inspections;
• Construction permits;
• Building permits and certificates;
• Legal documentation and court orders;
• Miscellaneous land use and construction documentation.

Customer: IT Department of the City of Moscow, Architectural and Construction Committee of the City of Moscow

Statistical analysis and decision support system for General City Planning and Development

The analysis and monitoring system we developed for the Division of the Urban Planning for the City of Moscow is designed around an intelligent decision support system. The project includes a data warehouse and a data collection subsystem working in tight collaboration with various State and Local departments and organisations within the Government sector. The collected data is then analyzed in terms of the adherence to the General Development Plan, monitoring of various changing conditions such as schedule deviations and data fluctuations in city planning. The system includes a Web portal for users to communicate with the system in order to obtain relevant information for the development and maintenance of the city planning documentation as well as an estimation of the urban planning tendencies, and last but not least to receive an intelligent support for decision making in the construction and building sector. We plan to migrate the system to the Open source platforms and technologies in 2018.

Customer: General Plan Institute for the City of Moscow (НИиПИ Генплана Москвы)


Integration Backbone System for Moscow City Strategic Policy and Construction Complex

The data integration backbone we built for the City Strategic Policy and Construction Complex (SPCC) is a digital connectivity pipeline between the Information and analytics system at the Division of the City Planning and the SPCC. The project is Inter-Departmental Electronic Collaboration System (IDCS, СМЭВ) compliant. It's built to network the SPCC systems internally as well as to provide their seamless communication with the electronic systems at the executive branches of the Government (ОИВ) such as the Land Ownership and Property Appraiser Office of the Government of the City of Moscow. The solution is based on the SOA protocols and technologies and implements about 200 webservices supporting exchange of 50,000 data transactions daily.

Customer: IT Department of the City of Moscow

The architecture of the data exchange service we implemented for the SPCC became a de-facto foundation for the country's first e-Government services ( The universal data access control system we developed for the City of Moscow leverages multiple levels of access for both the employees of the Executive branch (20,000 users) as well as general public: regular citizens and businessmen, who now have access to the City data resources as part of the e-Gov services (over a million users).


Techology Solutions

In 2017 ReInform conducted migration of the City Planning and Construction Geo-Informational system (CPC-GIS) to a new platform for one of its customers, MosStroiInform (ГБУ «Мосстройинформ»). The system is based on the Oracle Spatial and Graph for Oracle Database platform which is responsible for storing and managing the spatial data, documents, and the majority of the executable application code. The front-end is implemented via the MapServer open source software. Data preparation and validation, and the new functionalities will still be done in the existing system. To synchronise both data and electronic documents between the new and the existing system in real time a REST-service was developed and implemented.

Custom Application Development, Enterprise Business Management and Workflow Solutions

ReInform portfolio of software application development projects:

  • Enterprise application integration solutions.
  • Enterprise and corporate portals.
  • Data storage, backup, and digital archiving systems.
  • Business Intelligence, analytics and reporting systems.
  • Document imaging and workflow automation systems.

Our Software Development Services include:

  • thorough research and development of functional requirements;
  • detailed description and characterization of business processes;
  • technical specification development;
  • software development and testing;
  • product delivery, implementation and deployment;
  • full support of the implemented solutions;
  • IT personnel consulting and user training.

We make sure every customer's vision and goals are met by bringing extensive business knowledge and expertise, while keeping in mind individual budget goals.
During project implementation, we focus on minimizing risk to the lowest possible rate by engaging necessary software platforms and tools from our portfolio.

Platforms and Frameworks


ReInform's proven experience and professional competence allows for full accommodation to each and every customer's goals, terms, and budget restrictions. Our wide range portfolio of software platforms and tools as well as refined business processes virtually guarantees the lowest possible risks during project implementation and execution.

Our certified consultants and specialists utilize the most efficient software methodologies in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and GOST §19 and §34 and other standards and regulations.

Technical Support

ReInform provides wide range of technical support of IT infrastructure and information systems from leading domestic and international software and hardware manufacturers including but not limited to IBM, HP, Cisco Systems, Lenovo, Microsoft, EMC, Oracle, and others. We offer the full-range Service Desk customer support starting from accepting user support requests, opening and tracking helpdesk tickets up to the ticket closure according to the ITIL and ITSM best practices.

IT Service Management (ITSM) and its subset of ITIL best practices is an optimized combination of human resources, information technologies and processes to best satisfy organization and individual needs, business change, transformation and growth.

The technical support is facilitated by our certified engineers and specialists according to the signed Service Level Agreement.

ReInform engineers and specialists have extensive experience in the following IT support workflows:

IT Support and Consulting Services

  • IT infrastructure assessment;
  • network equipment setup and troubleshooting;
  • SAN setup and troubleshooting;
  • Microsoft, Linux, VMWare server setup and troubleshooting;
  • MS SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL DB setup and troubleshooting;
  • infrastructure maintenance and support;
  • asset monitoring systems setup and support;
  • IT assets and infrastructure audits;
  • IT staff training and consulting;
  • enterprise IT security consulting;
  • backup planning, implementation and support;
  • incident avoidance and disaster recovery consulting;
  • infrastructure maturity and improvement consulting;
  • assistance in complex incident remediation.

Service Agreement

Upon signing of the Service Agreement ReInform provides its customers with the Helpdesk website login and a dedicated phone support line to facilitate service request submission, incident tracking and control, and provides full access to the incident history as well as to the knowledgebase and solution documentation related to the service requests and incidents. The customer from their side agrees to provide us with the complete documentation to the hardware and/or software system being supported.